Gratus Represents a Disabled Veteran’s Autistic Child in a Fair Housing Complaint in Florida

Gratus Represents a Disabled Veteran’s Autistic Child in a Fair Housing Complaint Filing in Palm Beach County, Florida. Disability & Familial Status Discrimination is Alleged.

A disabled veteran and his family in Palm Beach County, Florida, are being subjected to housing discrimination by a Home Owners Association on the basis of his Autistic child’s disability, and on the basis of Familial Status.

In this recently filed fair housing complaint, the complainant alleges that the respondent HOA is enforcing swimming pool rules which limit and even prohibit the use of the swimming pool and the swimming pool area. One of the pool rules reads:
“Any person wearing a diaper is not permitted in the pool at any time. Only toilet trained children are permitted in the pool area. An adult resident must accompany children under the age of 16.”

Because the complainant’s child is disabled, and one of the effects of the disability is unpredictable incontinence, the disabled child must wear “swim diapers” which effectively violates the HOA’s swimming pool rules.

It is alleged in the fair housing complaint that the child’s father requested from the HOA that the swimming pool rules not be applied to their disabled child as part of a reasonable accommodation request.

The HOA allegedly refused to consider the requests and effectively ignored and denied them, thus limiting and even prohibiting the child’s use and enjoyment of the property on the basis of disability. It is also alleged that the HOA’s pool rules overtly discriminate against children because even children with diapers cannot even use the pool area.

The investigation in ongoing.

Please reach Gratus Housing Advocates, Inc. if you believe you have been subjected to housing discrimination on the basis of your race, skin color, national origin, gender, religion, familial status, or disability: or Gratus is a nonprofit fair housing organization providing fair housing related services at no cost to any victim of housing discrimination regardless of household income.

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